Xiaomi Introduces the Xiaomi Sound 2023 Smart Speaker with Enhanced Features

The Xiaomi Sound 2023 Smart Speaker has been unveiled by Xiaomi as the successor to its 2021 model. Despite the improvements in its features, the price for this upgraded version remains unchanged at 499 yuan ($68).

The Xiaomi Sound 2023 smart speaker has undergone slight changes in appearance and packaging compared to its predecessor. One notable improvement is the integration of HARMAN AudIoEFX audio software tuning, which enhances the overall audio quality of the speaker.

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Sound 2023 smart speaker is compact and lightweight, measuring 108mm×108mm×88mm and weighing only 564g. This makes it highly portable and adaptable to different room configurations.

The speaker features a 2.25-inch neodymium boron dual-magnetic circuit full-range 12W unit that can produce a maximum sound pressure of 90dB. Additionally, it incorporates a 54mm×44mm dual-suspension passive radiator, allowing it to achieve a low frequency as low as 70Hz. The speaker holds the CGEC Golden Ear Preferred Certification, which signifies its excellent audio performance.

To ensure optimal sound quality, the Xiaomi Sound 2023 smart speaker offers real-time dynamic tuning and utilizes the “Nightingale Algorithm” to automatically adjust the high, medium, and low frequencies based on the volume levels. It supports popular music platforms like QQ Music and NetEase Cloud Music, as well as lossless music formats.

One of the standout features of the Xiaomi Sound 2023 smart speaker is its versatility in connectivity options. It supports Xiaomi Miobo, NFC music relay, Bluetooth 5.1, Xiaoai voice commands, and AirPlay 2, enabling seamless integration with various smart ecosystems.

Users also have the option to enhance their audio experience by pairing two Xiaomi Sound 2023 speakers for a stereo sound system or connecting multiple speakers for synchronized playback throughout their entire house.

The Xiaomi Sound 2023 smart speaker is now available for purchase from various e-commerce portals in China.

– Xiaomi unveils Xiaomi Sound 2023 Smart Speaker with various improvements (Via)