World of Warships Celebrates 8th Anniversary with New Update and Special Bonuses

World of Warships, the popular online naval combat game, is gearing up to celebrate its 8th anniversary with a new update and exciting bonuses for players. The anniversary celebrations have an 80s theme and include special rewards, new commanders, and a birthday puzzle.

One of the highlights of the anniversary event is the opportunity to earn Festival Tokens, a temporary currency that can be used until the end of update 12.8. Players can collect these tokens and exchange them for rewards such as the premium ship French VIII Bayard, discount coupons for other premium ships, a permanent camouflage for the VIII Zieten, containers, and more.

The celebrations also introduce the European Tier IX battleship Karl XIV Johan, along with three new commanders and additional content to explore. Update 12.8 brings back the popular Airship Escort mode, which is now available to all classes of ships from Tier VII to superships. Players can compete against rival teams to reach the end destination, with the option to strategically destroy their own convoy to claim victory.

Aside from the anniversary festivities, the latest update also includes a major graphical overhaul. Players will notice improved graphics and audio, with updates to the game’s fauna, water animations, and environmental details. The combat experience has been enhanced with realistic audio cues, mimicking the effects of distant battles.

World of Warships continues to impress players with its engaging gameplay and regular updates. The 8th-anniversary celebrations and the new update offer plenty of incentives for both new and experienced players to jump into the action.

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