Workers Fear Job Losses Due to AI, Leaving Many Struggling to Find Meaningful Work

As a technology evangelist, I have long touted the benefits of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emphasizing how they would free employees from mundane tasks and allow them to engage in more meaningful work. However, I now find myself out of a job as the very technology I championed has replaced me. Freelancers like me have been hit particularly hard, as clients turn to AI-powered content writing services.

Many skeptical clients accused me of using AI in my own writing, which prompted me to question how AI can mimic my writing style. It turns out that generative AI programs, specifically large language models (LLMs), train by analyzing millions of words written by humans, then generate their own content that closely resembles human writing. It’s an ironic situation where I am accused of stealing writing that was actually stolen by AI in the first place.

While my personal situation is not unique, it highlights a bigger issue of job displacement caused by automation and AI. Kurt Vonnegut’s novel “Player Piano,” published in 1952, foresaw a future where machines would replace humans in thinking tasks. This prediction has come true, with computers taking over various jobs throughout history.

The acceleration of disruptive technologies, such as RPA, has led to a new generation of workers, Generation D (Disrupted), who face frequent layoffs and short-term jobs driven by technological advancements. Finding stable employment becomes increasingly difficult, especially as AI-controlled hiring processes often exhibit age bias.

While some people have been able to adapt to this changing landscape, many struggle to find meaningful work. The gig economy was once seen as a potential solution, but even that field is now being impacted by AI. Gig platforms like Upwork are offering opportunities to edit AI-generated articles for low wages, further complicating the job market.

The fear of job losses due to AI and automation is widespread, leaving workers uncertain about their future career prospects. As technology continues to advance, there is a pressing need to find solutions that ensure job opportunities and meaningful work for all.

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