Wilsonville High School Robotics Team Empowers Girls in Robotics Competition

At Wilsonville High School, junior Lily Vu leads the way as the integration lead for the robotics team Error Code Xero. Vu and her team are gearing up to compete in the upcoming Girls’ Generation robotics competition.

Instead of using a traditional wheel, Vu controls the team’s robot, Sparky, with a video game controller connected to a laptop and console. This innovative approach adds a modern twist to the world of robotics.

The Girls’ Generation competition is specifically designed to encourage and empower girls in the field of robotics. The event provides an opportunity for young girls to showcase their talents and abilities in a male-dominated industry.

Vu’s role as the driver for the team’s robot showcases her skills and dedication. She has spent countless hours practicing and honing her abilities to ensure that Sparky performs at its best during the competition.

Through their participation in robotics competitions like Girls’ Generation, Wilsonville High School is actively working towards breaking gender barriers in STEM fields. The team hopes to inspire other young girls to pursue their passions in robotics and technology.

By embracing new technologies, such as using a video game controller to operate a robot, the Wilsonville High School robotics team is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of robotics.

With Lily Vu at the helm, Error Code Xero is ready to take on the Girls’ Generation competition and prove that girls can excel in robotics. Their dedication and innovation serve as an inspiration to girls everywhere.

Source: Wilsonville High School Robotics Team

– Robotics: a field of study and industry focusing on the design, construction, and operation of robots
– Integration lead: a role responsible for coordinating different components or systems of a project or team
– Girls’ Generation: a robotics competition specifically designed to promote girls’ participation in the field.

Sources: Wilsonville High School Robotics Team