Visual Components Launches Visual Components Robotics OLP to Enhance Efficiency in Manufacturing

Visual Components, a developer of 3D simulation software, has unveiled Visual Components Robotics OLP, a single software platform designed to improve robot utilization and enhance production efficiency in the manufacturing industry. The platform offers reliable and accurate programming capabilities that are ten times faster than manual processes, allowing manufacturers to streamline their technology deployments.

One of the key features of Visual Components Robotics OLP is its compatibility with various robot brands, including KUKA, ABB, YASKAWA, and FANUC. With seamless integration, manufacturers can easily transfer their robot programs from the software to physical robots on the shop floor, eliminating downtime and complexity in robotic deployments.

The launch of Visual Components Robotics OLP comes at a time when robots are underutilized in the manufacturing sector due to challenges such as time and labor-intensive processes, complex product mixes, and skills shortages. This unified solution not only addresses these challenges but also provides an opportunity for employees to upskill in the Industry 5.0 era, driving technical skills among the new generation entering the sector.

By bridging the efficiency gaps and streamlining processes, Visual Components Robotics OLP enables manufacturers to stay ahead of industry challenges and embrace digital production transformation. The platform is a testament to the company’s commitment to understanding industry needs and developing solutions to address them head-on.

Visual Components acquired Delfoi Robotics in October 2022, integrating the offline robot programming (OLP) solutions provider into their simulation software. This integration further enhances the capabilities of Visual Components Robotics OLP and strengthens the company’s position as a trusted technology partner in the manufacturing industry.

Visual Components, founded by simulation experts with over 20 years of experience, offers simple, quick, and cost-effective solutions for designing and simulating production processes. Their offline robot programming (OLP) technology ensures fast, accurate, and error-free programming of industrial robots.

– Visual Components Robotics OLP Press Release