Unlocking the Potential of Robotic Picking in Warehouse Operations

Robotic picking has revolutionized the world of manufacturing and logistics, offering significant advancements in efficiency, precision, and productivity. However, not all robotic picking deployments live up to expectations. In a live webinar titled “Unlocking the Potential of Robotic Picking,” Chris Geyer, Vice President and Fellow at Berkshire Grey, shares valuable insights and experiences to help organizations select the right robotic picking solutions for their warehouse environments.

Geyer draws on real-world data from millions of production picks to provide key learnings for successful robotic picking deployments. By understanding the factors that contribute to success, businesses can enhance their own deployments and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and competitiveness.

One important insight is that robotic picking is not solely a hardware problem. The ability to handle 100% of a warehouse’s SKUs, including unbagged, oversized, and fragile items, while maintaining accuracy requires a synergy of smart robots and smart robotic design. The webinar underscores the importance of considering both hardware and software elements in selecting the right robotic picking solution.

Furthermore, the webinar explores the future trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on robotic picking technology. As AI continues to advance, organizations can leverage these advancements to further optimize their operations and improve overall efficiency.

Overall, the webinar offers a comprehensive overview of AI-enabled enterprise robotic picking, providing practical insights to help businesses make informed decisions when implementing this transformative technology. By attending the webinar, organizations can gain valuable knowledge from real-world experiences and learn how to leverage the power of robotic picking to enhance their operations.

– Berkshire Grey
– SupplyChainBrain