Tompkins Robotics and Kardex Solutions Partner to Offer Enhanced Automation and Efficiency in Material Handling

Tompkins Robotics, a leading provider of automated storage, retrieval, and material handling systems, has partnered with Kardex Solutions to offer their tSort parcel sortation systems and Autostore technology. This partnership aims to streamline fulfillment processes, increase automation, and drive labor savings for customers.

With the integration of Kardex Solutions’ AutoStore and tSort solutions, customers can benefit from increased destinations available for each bin presentation by 20X within the system. This allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in sorting and delivering parcels.

By combining tSort with the AutoStore system, the overall system becomes much more efficient, with any port able to reach any destination. This increases the batch capability of the AutoStore system, further enhancing operational efficiency.

Mitch Hayes, President of Kardex Solutions, highlights the value of incorporating tSort into their portfolio, as it allows clients to fulfill orders more efficiently while reducing operating costs. The tSort system will seamlessly integrate into the Kardex FullfillX WES platform, offering clients a streamlined software solution for their overall system.

The Kardex Group, headquartered in Switzerland, has a global presence, operating in 30 countries and delivering over 140,000 industry-specific solutions worldwide. With this partnership, Tompkins Robotics and Kardex Solutions aim to provide enhanced automation and efficiency in material handling for their customers.

In conclusion, this strategic partnership between Tompkins Robotics and Kardex Solutions offers customers the opportunity to optimize their material handling processes through the integration of tSort and Autostore technology. With the ability to increase destinations and improve batch capabilities, this collaboration enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs. Through their combined expertise, Tompkins Robotics and Kardex Solutions are delivering advanced automation solutions to drive value for their clients.

– Autostore technology: A warehouse automation system that utilizes grid storage and robotic picking to optimize storage density and order fulfillment.
– tSort parcel sortation systems: Automated systems designed to efficiently sort and distribute parcels based on different criteria, such as destination or size.
– Kardex FullfillX WES platform: A software platform provided by Kardex Solutions that integrates various automation solutions and streamlines overall warehouse operations.

– Tompkins Robotics and Kardex Solutions partnership announcement.