Titanfall 2 Receives Major Update, Hinting at Future of the Franchise

Titanfall 2 players have been eagerly awaiting new content and improvements for the game, and it seems their patience has finally been rewarded. After years of minimal updates and server instability, Respawn Entertainment has released a major game update for Titanfall 2, addressing matchmaking issues, server stability, and introducing new game modes and features.

One interesting detail that has caught the attention of fans is the recent discovery of a Titanfall Easter egg in the Apex Legends patch notes. This has sparked speculation that there may be a connection between the two games and hints at the future of the franchise.

The update includes fixes to matchmaking and improved server stability, making Titanfall 2 playable again after years of frustrating downtime. Private matches, which were previously in beta, are now fully released, giving players the opportunity to engage in custom matches with their friends. New and old game modes have been added, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Moreover, the update has addressed various issues such as map glitches, out-of-bounds exploits, and made changes to map geometry. One interesting addition to the maps is the appearance of small Nessie plushies, which may be a reference to Respawn’s recent ban of over 2,000 cheaters from Apex Legends. This suggests that Respawn is actively monitoring and taking action against cheaters in their games.

Previously, Titanfall 2 had experienced significant downtime due to DDOS attacks by frustrated players of the original Titanfall game. Respawn’s efforts to stabilize the game were insufficient, and fans were disappointed by the lack of attention given to the franchise. However, this recent update and the appearance of Nessie in Titanfall 2 suggest that Respawn is trying to revive interest and reconnect the Titanfall universe with Apex Legends.

The Easter egg found in Apex Legends’ patch notes has further fueled speculation about a potential crossover between the two games. The inclusion of numerical codes representing the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends has led to theories about a future crossover event. Players have noticed changes in Apex’s in-game stat trackers, which now include the word “Apex” in front of various statistics. This could be a hint that Respawn is paving the way for a crossover event, but the exact nature of this crossover is still unknown.

This recent update, combined with the deep connection between Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, has reignited hope among fans that the Titanfall franchise has a promising future. Despite the cancellation of Titanfall Legends, the discount on Titanfall 2 on Steam and the attention given to the game through this update indicate that Respawn is invested in the franchise and is seeking to expand its player base. Whether this will eventually lead to the release of Titanfall 3 or another form of collaboration between the two games remains to be seen.

Sources: GameSpot