The Top Emerging Smartphone Brands: A Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023

A recent survey conducted in India, dubbed the “Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023,” has revealed some interesting findings about emerging smartphone brands. The survey evaluated user satisfaction, software performance, and other key factors to determine the rankings of these brands. Among the top performers were brands like Nothing and Infinix.

One of the main factors considered in the survey was user satisfaction. Nothing, a relatively new player in the market, ranked high in this category. Users praised the brand for its sleek design, user-friendly interface, and overall performance. Infinix, another emerging brand, also received commendation for its affordable pricing and reliable software.

Software performance was another area where both Nothing and Infinix excelled. Users reported that these brands offered smooth and efficient software experiences, with minimal lag and glitches. This is particularly noteworthy as software performance is often a major pain point for users.

In terms of pricing, both Nothing and Infinix stood out for their affordability. These brands offer high-quality smartphones at competitive prices, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. This has contributed to their growing popularity and market presence.

The Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023 provides valuable insights into the emerging smartphone brands in the Indian market. As users seek alternatives to established players, brands like Nothing and Infinix offer promising options that prioritize user satisfaction, software performance, and affordability.


  • User Satisfaction: The measure of how satisfied users are with a product or service, based on their expectations and experiences.
  • Software Performance: The ability of software to execute tasks efficiently and reliably, without lag or glitches.
  • Budget-conscious consumers: Consumers who prioritize affordability when making purchasing decisions.


– The Great Indian Smartphone Survey 2023.