The Power of Quantum Annealing: Solving Real-World Business Problems Today

In the rapidly evolving field of quantum computing, it is important to separate fact from fiction and understand the practical applications of this technology. While much attention has been focused on circuit-based quantum systems, which are still years away from commercialization, quantum annealing offers a powerful approach to solving optimization problems for businesses.

According to IDC, quantum annealing provides enterprises with the opportunity to gain a quantum advantage when tackling complex optimization problems. Unlike other quantum computing methods, annealing quantum computing is available today, offering real-world solutions to pressing business challenges. D-Wave Quantum is the only company in the world that provides annealing quantum computing systems.

D-Wave stands out from the competition with its commercial-grade, production-ready quantum technology that is accessible via the cloud. The company has already made significant strides in solving real-world problems across various industries, including employee scheduling, supply chain logistics, manufacturing processes, and marketing campaign optimization.

It is crucial not to overlook the potential impact of annealing quantum computing on businesses and society. While some industry voices may downplay its value, it is important to note that D-Wave is the only company with a viable annealing quantum technology system and an extensive collection of customer use cases demonstrating real-world impact.

D-Wave’s progress and opportunities are unparalleled in the quantum computing industry. As the first commercial quantum computing company, D-Wave is at the forefront of quantum commercialization. The company has over 60 commercial customers, including Mastercard, Lockheed Martin, and Siemens Healthineers, using quantum technologies to address a wide range of business challenges such as supply chain optimization, missile defense, and portfolio optimization.

Customer engagements with D-Wave are yielding significant results. For example, Mastercard is leveraging quantum-hybrid applications to enhance customer loyalty and fraud detection, while Davidson Technologies is developing applications to advance national security efforts. Other companies, such as Interpublic Group and QuantumBasel, are exploring applications to optimize marketing campaigns and improve construction and operation of buildings, respectively.

Furthermore, customers are increasingly pushing quantum applications into production and integrating them into their daily operations. SavantX successfully piloted a quantum-hybrid application at the Port of Los Angeles, leading to improved cargo handling efficiency and faster turnaround times for trucks. Pattison Food Group, Canada’s largest provider of food and health products, reduced optimization time and streamlined scheduling using D-Wave’s technology. Recruit Communications, a global HR solutions provider, achieved a 90% improvement in optimizing TV commercial placements compared to traditional methods.

D-Wave continues to push the boundaries of quantum computing, with its systems performing coherent annealing quantum computing that cannot be simulated by classical computers. The company’s groundbreaking research published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature solidifies D-Wave’s position as a leader in the field.

In conclusion, quantum annealing is a powerful and practical approach to solving optimization problems for businesses. D-Wave Quantum is at the forefront of this technology, offering commercial-grade solutions that are already delivering real-world impact. The potential of annealing quantum computing cannot be overlooked, and D-Wave is leading the way in harnessing its power for businesses today.

– IDC Spotlight, sponsored by D-Wave Quantum, “Gaining Near-Term Advantage Using Quantum Annealing,” Doc #S51050523, July 2023