The KOWOLL M28E Robot Lawnmower: A Powerful Solution for Tidy Homes

The KOWOLL M28E robot lawnmower is revolutionizing the way homeowners maintain their properties. With its advanced features, this robotic lawnmower offers a powerful solution to keep lawns looking tidy at all times.

One of the key features of the KOWOLL M28E is its utilization of 3D LiDAR SLAM technology. This cutting-edge technology enables the lawnmower to achieve high-precision positioning, reaching accuracy down to the centimeter. By doing so, the lawnmower can get as close as possible to structures, trees, and other ornamental items, ensuring a thorough and precise cut.

In addition to the 3D LiDAR SLAM technology, the KOWOLL M28E also incorporates RTK-GPS with multisensor fusion positioning. This feature allows the lawnmower to detect obstacles in real-time and avoid them. By doing so, the lawnmower ensures safety in the outdoor environment, preventing accidents or damage to objects in the lawn.

To make the lawnmower user-friendly, KOWOLL has developed an intuitive smartphone app. With this app, users can easily set the boundaries for the lawnmower. Whether it’s defining specific areas to mow or allowing the lawnmower to autonomously manage the entire lawn, the app provides seamless control and customization options.

Overall, the KOWOLL M28E robot lawnmower is an innovative and efficient maintenance solution for homeowners. With its advanced technologies and user-friendly interface, it ensures precision, safety, and ease of use.

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