The Growing Impact of Autonomy in Various Industries

Autonomy is revolutionizing the way work is performed in industries such as construction, agriculture, automotive, rail, and ports. With advancements in positioning, communication, and software technologies, jobs can now be completed faster, safer, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. Trimble, a leading provider of positioning technologies, is at the forefront of enabling the development of autonomous solutions.

Gordon Hain, Trimble’s Product Manager for Autonomy, will be presenting a webinar that explores the current state of automation and autonomy and how Trimble is contributing to this transformation. Hain will highlight Trimble’s key principles of autonomy and its expertise in robust positioning and orientation in various environments. He will discuss the range of options offered by Trimble, from accurate positioning and orientation for entry-level GNSS receivers to high-precision INS systems. Real-time and ground-truthing capabilities for development, prototyping, and testing will also be covered, along with HD mapping and path planning to optimize workflows. Additionally, Hain will delve into localization and perception techniques that enable operation in GNSS-denied environments through sensor fusion.

The webinar will also feature real-world use cases from the agriculture and construction industries presented by industry experts. Dynapac Application Specialist, Fredrik Åkesson, and SAGA Robotics Senior Robotics Engineer, Michael Hutchinson, will showcase sensor integration in off-road environments, demonstrating how automation and autonomy are making an impact in these sectors.

Don’t miss this free webinar scheduled for September 20th at 1 p.m. Eastern time. Register now to gain valuable insights into the exciting advancements in autonomy across various industries.


Trimble Inc.

*Names and positions have been shortened for clarity.