The Global Medical Telepresence Robots Market Set to Reach $459.1 Million by 2032

The global market for medical telepresence robots is projected to see significant growth in the coming years, according to a study by Future Market Insights. The market, which is currently valued at $61.1 million in 2022, is expected to reach a total value of $459.1 million by 2032. This represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.5% throughout the forecast period.

The rising demand for medical telepresence robots from the healthcare industry, coupled with the availability of a large number of supporting devices and their growing adoption in educational and recreational settings, are key factors driving the growth of the market.

Companies such as Amy Robotics, Ava Robotics, Blue Ocean Robotics, and InTouch Health are among the leading manufacturers of medical telepresence robots. The North American region dominates the global market share, with increased adoption of artificial intelligence and robotics in the healthcare sector and a rise in the number of regional players. Europe holds the second-largest share, followed by Asia.

Hospitals and assisted living services are the top applications for medical telepresence robots, with a market size of $34.9 million in 2021. The increased adoption in hospital settings is due to features such as two-way communication from any distance and efficient teleconsultation and monitoring.

The study also reveals key takeaways, including the anticipation that the market will add 7.5 times its current value by 2032. Amy Robotics and InTouch Health are identified as the top giants in the manufacturing of medical telepresence robots. Additionally, mobile robots accounted for approximately 65.8% of the global market share in 2021.

Future Market Insights offers an unbiased analysis of the global Medical Telepresence Robots market, presenting historical market data from 2017-2021 and forecast statistics for 2022-2032. The study covers various segments, including type (stationary and mobile), components (camera, speaker, microphone, display, power source, and sensors), and end-use (hospitals and homes), across key regions.

With its expertise in the healthcare industry, Future Market Insights provides valuable insights, analysis, and strategic recommendations to clients worldwide. With over a decade of experience analyzing the healthcare industry across 50+ countries, the team at Future Market Insights offers unmatched research and consulting services.

Source: Future Market Insights, Medical Telepresence Robots Market