The Future of the Packaging Industry: Intelligent Sorting Systems

According to GlobalData’s Technology Foresights, the packaging industry is set to be shaped by over 30 innovation areas. One key area of innovation is the development of intelligent sorting systems. These automated systems utilize robotics and machine learning technologies to sort and classify materials or products based on various characteristics such as size, shape, weight, and color. Intelligent sorting systems not only improve sorting accuracy and efficiency but also reduce human error and operating costs.

GlobalData’s analysis identifies the top companies at the forefront of intelligent sorting systems and assesses the potential impact of their patenting activity. Among the 30 companies involved in this innovation area are technology vendors, established packaging companies, and start-ups.

Walmart, alongside other key players such as SoftBank Group, ZenRobotics, Gree Electric Appliances, Fanuc, and ENEOS, is leading the way in patent filings for intelligent sorting systems. Walmart, in particular, stands out in terms of application diversity, indicating a broad range of applications for their patents. SoftBank Group holds the top position in geographic reach, with patents registered in multiple countries.

The advancement of technologies and the increasing need for efficient and sustainable solutions are driving the traction of intelligent sorting systems. These systems offer improved efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability, positioning them as key players in the evolving market landscape of the packaging industry.

To gain a deeper understanding of the disruptive themes and technologies in the packaging industry, access GlobalData’s thematic research report on Packaging.

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