The Ember Sword: Reflecting on Land Sales, Playtesting, and the Roadmap to Early Access

The Ember Sword team has recently conducted a land sale, and now they are reflecting on the success of the sale, ongoing playtesting, and their roadmap towards Early Access. In a devblog by Bright Star CEO Mark Laursen, he discusses the developments of the past few months and the future direction of the game.

The team had previously held an alpha testing round during the spring, which allowed testers to have a glimpse of what to expect in the game. Solarwood, a part of the game world, was made accessible to testers. Following the playtest, the team announced a land sale, aligning with their emphasis on player ownership and collaboration.

The land sale took place in two phases, with applications being used to select buyers based not only on their interest in purchasing land, but also their willingness to participate in building the community.

Laursen also mentioned that critical decisions have been made regarding the structure of the team. While the details of these decisions are not provided, they are expected to enhance the team’s confidence in achieving their goal of releasing the Early Access version of Ember Sword by the end of 2024.

The team is currently focused on refining the core elements that make Ember Sword unique. This involves further advancements in combat, trading, crafting, and exploration. The next playtest is scheduled for October and will take place in the game’s first dungeon, the Ultra Deep. Additionally, new servers will be added in different regions to accommodate more players.

Ember Sword is an upcoming massively multiplayer online game that promises an immersive player experience with a strong emphasis on player collaboration and ownership. The team’s dedication to continuous improvement and community engagement shows their commitment to delivering a high-quality gaming experience.

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