The Best Build for Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail

Fu Xuan is a 5-Star Quantum character in Honkai: Star Rail, belonging to the Preservation path. She excels at providing damage mitigation shields and healing for her team. If you’re looking to optimize Fu Xuan’s performance, it’s important to know the best build for her, including the ideal Relics and team composition.

Element: Quantum
Path: The Preservation
Rarity: 5-Star

Fu Xuan’s basic attack, Nova Burst, deals Quantum damage equal to 25% of her Max HP to a single enemy. Her skill, Known by Stars, Shown by Hearts, activates Matrix of Prescience, which allows other team members to distribute 65% of the damage they receive to Fu Xuan for three turns. Additionally, while affected by Matrix of Prescience, all team members gain increased Max HP and Crit Rate.

Fu Xuan’s Ultimate, Woes of Many Morphed to One, deals Quantum damage equal to 60% of her Max HP to all enemies and triggers the HP Restore effect granted by her Talent. Her Talent, Bleak Breeds Bliss, provides damage reduction for the entire team and triggers HP restoration for Fu Xuan when her HP falls below a certain threshold.

In terms of Relics, the recommended choices for Fu Xuan are:

1. Taiyi, the Macrocosmic: Provides additional Energy regeneration when using the skill.
2. Dunjia, the Metamystic: Heals all other allies when using the Ultimate.
3. Liuren, the Sexagenary: Grants crowd control resistance to allies when enemies apply crowd control during Matrix of Prescience.

To fully upgrade Fu Xuan, you will need various Ascension materials, including Artifex’s Module, Artifex’s Cogwheel, Artifex’s Gyreheart, Nail of the Ape, and Credits.

For Trace materials, you will need Tracks of Destiny, Regret of Infinite Ochema, Endurance of Bronze, Artifex’s Module, Artifex’s Gyreheart, Artifex’s Cogwheel, Oath of Steel, Safeguard of Amber, and Credits.

Remember that this information is based on leaked beta data, so there may be changes upon Fu Xuan’s official release.

– Honeyhunterworld (leaked beta information)
– HoYoverse (image credits)