The Ascento Guard: The Cute and Agile Autonomous Security Robot


A Swiss startup known as Ascento has recently introduced a new security robot called the Ascento Guard. This autonomous outdoor robot stands out for its cute and anthropomorphic design, with features such as “legs” and a friendly “face.” With its agile wheel-leg setup, the Ascento Guard can navigate various terrains with ease. Clients also have the option to brand the robot with their own logos.

The Ascento Guard boasts a central chassis, which is complemented by circular “eye” stand-ins that blink and rectangular orange hazard lights acting as eyebrows. These charming features give the robot a cartoon-esque appearance. When charging, the robot’s eyes appear closed, mimicking sleep. However, they open up when the robot is on patrol duty.

The unique aspect of this security robot lies in its wheeled “legs.” This design enables the Ascento Guard to make precise movements across different types of landscapes, making it highly versatile. This robot is specifically engineered to excel at outdoor security tasks.

The Ascento Guard offers potential clients the opportunity to customize the robot by incorporating their own logos. This branding feature allows businesses and organizations to infuse their identity into the appearance of the security robot.

Overall, the Ascento Guard provides both functionality and appeal. Its adorable design, combined with its agile movement capabilities, makes it an ideal choice for those in need of autonomous outdoor security.

– Autonomous: Capable of operating independently without human intervention.
– Anthropomorphic: Having human-like characteristics or qualities.

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