TechCrunch Disrupt: A Deep Dive into Investor and Founder Surveys

TechCrunch Disrupt is in full swing, and while some may not be attending, there’s no need to worry. Our TechCrunch+ team has compiled a series of investor and founder surveys that offer insights into the cutting-edge sectors being discussed at the event. These surveys, conducted through interviews with industry experts, shed light on the current and future trends in various areas of technology.


Mary Ann Azevedo’s survey on fintech explores valuations, artificial intelligence (AI), and other important aspects of this thriving sector. Dive into this deep analysis to gain a comprehensive understanding of current trends in fintech.


Tim De Chant’s extensive two-part series on fusion power delves into the obstacles that must be overcome to revolutionize global energy production and consumption. Understanding upcoming regulations and the science behind fusion power is crucial, and this survey provides key insights from investors and founders.


Alex Wilhelm’s survey examines how startups are utilizing cloud infrastructure and their strategies regarding single and multi-cloud setups. Whether you’re a startup in the early stages or experiencing rapid growth, this survey offers valuable advice on best practices in cloud infrastructure.


Anna Heim’s survey focuses on AI’s role in biotech, exploring its current maturity, future prospects, and why it’s more than just a passing trend. Gain valuable insights into the intersection of AI and biotech and understand its potential impact on the industry.


Carly Page’s survey discusses the optimism that cybersecurity investors have despite low funding in the past year. Discover why they believe in the future of the sector and how advancements in AI will shape the industry.


Brian Heater’s comprehensive survey provides an in-depth analysis of the state of robotics investments in 2023. Despite the industry cooling off, this survey reveals that there are still exciting days ahead for robotics.

Immerse yourself in these detailed surveys to stay informed about the latest developments and trends in the tech industry. TechCrunch Disrupt may be the event of the year, but with these surveys, you can still gain valuable insights even if you’re not physically there.

– Mary Ann Azevedo’s fintech survey
– Tim De Chant’s fusion power series (part 1 and part 2)
– Alex Wilhelm’s SaaS survey
– Anna Heim’s survey on AI in biotech
– Carly Page’s cybersecurity survey
– Brian Heater’s robotics investment survey