Team BulaBots to Showcase Innovation at the FIRST Global Challenge Robotics Competition

Team BulaBots, a group of talented students from the University of the South Pacific, has been chosen to represent Fiji at the upcoming FIRST Global Challenge Robotics Competition in Singapore. The competition, taking place from October 7th to 10th, aims to foster collaboration and innovation in the field of robotics.

Under the guidance of mentors Dr. Utkal Mehta and Ashneel Chand, Team BulaBots consists of four students who are deeply passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). With diverse skill sets and a shared enthusiasm for finding solutions to pressing issues like climate change, the team is dedicated to using their collective knowledge to make a positive impact on Fiji and other small island nations.

Jett Quai Hoi, Charlize-Joy Smith, Eshal Bari, and Vicky Wu make up the dynamic group of individuals who believe that by combining traditional wisdom with cutting-edge technology, they can create innovative solutions. They emphasize the importance of global collaboration and recognize that no one can tackle these challenges alone.

Dr. Utkal Mehta shared in an interview with fijivillage News that the team embarked on an extensive selection process to identify committed students with a strong interest in creating robots specifically designed to address climate change-related issues. Their application for the competition was endorsed by FIRST Global, a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing the next generation of science and technology leaders.

Team BulaBots’ participation in the FIRST Global Challenge Robotics Competition is not only an achievement for the students but also a reflection of the ongoing efforts to enhance STEM education and development in Fiji. By showcasing their innovative solutions, the team hopes to inspire others and encourage further collaboration in solving the world’s most pressing issues.

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