Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn: A New Expansion Continues the Journey

In the latest announcement from the Tales of series, a new expansion called Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn is set to continue the story after the main game’s release in September 2021. This expansion marks the first time in the series that a DLC directly continues the main story on such a scale.

The expansion takes place in a world that has united two previously separate worlds, and players will embark on a new adventure alongside a new character named Nazamil. Nazamil is a girl with a unique heritage, being both of Dahnan and Renan blood, and she is the daughter of a Lord who was an antagonist in the original story. The expansion’s storyline is vast, offering over 20 hours of gameplay and a chance to explore the merged world in-depth.

The development team behind Tales of Arise wanted to deliver a narrative experience that would be akin to watching a good movie. The main game explored themes of liberation, equality, and understanding, and the expansion aims to delve into the challenges and frictions that arise in the newly united world. Despite the hope for the future depicted at the end of the main game, there is still a trace of anxiety lingering in the hearts of the characters.

The expansion, Beyond the Dawn, aims to satisfy players who have been eagerly awaiting a continuation of the story. It offers new dungeons, quests, and costumes to immerse players further in the world of Arise. Additionally, bonuses based on clear data from the main game, such as money and skill points, will be provided to enhance character development.

Tales of Arise – Beyond the Dawn can be enjoyed by both players who have completed the main game and those who are new to the series. A special bundle pack is available for those who have not yet played Arise, making it a perfect opportunity to dive into the world of this compelling series.

– Tales of Arise official website