Students in Negros Occidental Show Potential in Robotics Program

Elementary and high school students in Negros Occidental have displayed great potential in the field of robotics through their participation in the robotics program of the Negros Occidental Language and Information Technology Center (NOLITC). The “Battle of Bots: Provincial Level Robotics Competition” featured 12 winners who excelled in the line tracing and sumo bots categories.

The participants in the competition showcased their innovative thinking, creativity, and coding skills to solve the challenges presented. Ma. Cristina Orbecido, vocational school administrator of NOLITC, expressed their commitment to continue engaging students in robotics and intelligent machines programs in order to produce young inventors who can create solutions to community problems.

The “Battle of Bots” is an annual event organized by NOLITC in partnership with Pinoy Robot Games, and this year marked its third edition. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the competition gathered 80 competitors who vied for victory during the two-day challenge held in Bacolod City.

Melvin Matulac, founder of Pinoy Robot Games, expressed optimism about the future of robotics in Negros Occidental, highlighting the preparedness and competitiveness of the students. Matulac hoped that in the near future, students from Negros Occidental would not only win national awards but also have the opportunity to compete internationally.

Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson acknowledged the growing interest among teachers and students in robotics since the program’s initiation three years ago. He emphasized the importance of students being able to build their own robots to address pressing issues in their community.

The winners of the competition, such as Julian Dash Acojedo from Ramon Magsaysay Elementary School, expressed gratitude for the opportunity and shared their aspirations to continue learning and contributing to the field. In the sumobot and line tracing categories, winners included students from various schools in Negros Occidental.

The strong showing by students in the robotics program indicates the success and impact of NOLITC’s efforts to foster innovation and technological skills among the youth. With continued support and investment in robotics education, Negros Occidental is poised to produce more talented inventors and problem solvers in the future.

– Philippine News Agency