St. Luke’s Hospital Launches Pilot Program with Delivery Robots

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri is introducing an innovative pilot program that involves the use of delivery robots. Named Moxi, these robots are designed to help nurses by fetching medications, supplies, and more, thereby allowing nurses to spend more time providing direct patient care. This is the first program of its kind in the region and has proven to be successful in saving significant time for caregivers.

According to Kevin Turner, the nurse manager at St. Luke’s, the implementation of Moxi has allowed nurses to focus on their primary responsibility of patient care. By offloading tasks such as delivering medications and supplies to the robots, nurses have been able to save up to 30 percent of their time, resulting in increased efficiency and improved patient care.

Within just 20 days of operation at St. Luke’s Hospital, Moxi has already made a significant impact. It has saved over 315 hours of time for the caregivers and completed the delivery and retrieval of more than 500 pharmaceuticals and supplies. Nurses simply send their requests to the central supply specialist, who then fills the orders and calls for Moxi to deliver them to the respective units.

St. Luke’s is the first hospital in Missouri and Kansas to implement this type of technology. The hospital plans to further expand the use of Moxi and is actively looking to add additional robots to the team. This initiative is funded by the St. Luke’s foundation, which supports innovative projects that enhance patient care.

In summary, St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City is pioneering the use of delivery robots with the introduction of Moxi. This pilot program has already shown great promise in saving time for nurses and improving patient care. St. Luke’s plans to extend the use of these robots and continue leveraging technology to enhance the healthcare experience.

– Moxi: Delivery robots used at St. Luke’s Hospital to fetch medications, supplies, and other items.
– Bedside caregivers: Nurses who provide direct care to patients at their bedside.

Sources: KCTV (KCTV is a local news station in Kansas City)