Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass to Release New Single-Player Campaign

Nintendo has announced that the second wave of the Splatoon 3 expansion pass will bring a brand new single-player campaign next spring called Side Order. The DLC aims to provide a replayable experience for players.

Side Order takes players on a journey through Inkopolis Square, the city featured in Splatoon 2. The focal point of the campaign is the Spire of Order, where players can enhance their abilities by acquiring upgrades that boost run speed, splash damage, and more.

One new feature in the upcoming DLC is the inclusion of damage counters, which appear each time players splat their enemies. While these counters may appear distracting at first glance, they add a layer of visual feedback to help players gauge their progress.

Nintendo had previously released the first part of the expansion pass in February, allowing players to revisit Inkopolis Plaza from the original Splatoon game. The expansion pass, priced at $24.99, will also include the Side Order DLC once it releases in 2024.

Splatoon 3, which launched in September, has already garnered a dedicated fanbase. With the addition of the Side Order campaign, players can look forward to more engaging content and the opportunity to dive deeper into the vibrant world of Inkopolis.

Sources: Nintendo