South Korea Moves Towards Leadership in AI and Quantum Computing

South Korea is making significant investments in artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing in an effort to become a global leader in these areas of technology. While the country has been known for its early adoption of emerging technologies, it has been playing catch-up in AI and quantum computing. However, South Korea’s dominance in the global semiconductor industry and its plans for a robust AI ecosystem put it in a favorable position to excel in the global race for AI chips.

The South Korean government is planning to invest over $800 million in research and development over the next five years to boost the market share of Korean AI chips to around 80% by 2030. In addition to chip-making, AI has also been making waves in other areas. South Korean search company Naver recently unveiled its own conversational AI model, Clova X, which is expected to be rolled out next month. This model, based on Naver’s large language model HyperClova X, is capable of voice and text interactions and can be integrated with other services.

Startups in South Korea are also making strides in AI innovation. Some have developed AI-backed Bible reading and prayer service apps, showcasing the broad range of applications for AI technology.

In the realm of quantum computing, South Korea is accelerating its efforts. The government recently announced plans to invest $2.3 billion in quantum science and technology by 2035. Norma, a quantum security specialist company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IQM Quantum Computers to introduce and expand quantum computers in South Korea. The partnership aims to collaborate on the development of quantum algorithms and the implementation of quantum education programs.

With these initiatives, South Korea is moving towards its strategic goal of becoming a global quantum technology powerhouse by 2035. The country has also formed partnerships with tech companies to train and develop quantum computing talent as it progresses in this exciting field.

Overall, while South Korea may not currently be leading in AI and quantum computing, its increased financial investments and partnerships demonstrate its commitment to becoming a prominent player in these cutting-edge technologies.

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