Shell Awards Offshore Services Contract to Nauticus Robotics

Shell plc, a leading energy company, has awarded an offshore services contract to Nauticus Robotics, a pioneer in autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and artificial intelligence (AI) for the offshore industry. Nauticus will provide inspection services on a Shell subsea field development in the Gulf of Mexico using its flagship AUV, Aquanaut.

Aquanaut is a fully autonomous vehicle equipped with high-resolution cameras, sonar, and ultrasonic testing equipment. It can operate in water depths of over 1,000 meters for up to 12 hours without surfacing. The use of autonomous robots for subsea inspection offers several advantages over traditional methods. They can operate in deeper waters and challenging conditions, collect more data, and perform complex tasks. Additionally, they can help reduce costs and improve safety as they do not require support vessels and have a lower risk of accidents compared to human divers.

In addition to inspection services, Nauticus is also developing AUVs for other subsea tasks such as repair and maintenance. The company is working on AI-powered software to enhance the autonomy and intelligence of its AUVs. This contract with Shell is a significant milestone for Nauticus, demonstrating its technology’s capabilities and its ability to provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective solutions for the offshore industry.

The offshore industry faces various challenges, including aging infrastructure, increasing costs, and stricter environmental regulations. AUVs and AI have the potential to address these challenges and improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability in the industry.

Shell’s commitment to innovation is evident through its investment in autonomous subsea technology. The company believes that autonomous subsea operations have the potential to revolutionize the offshore industry.

In conclusion, the contract awarded to Nauticus by Shell is a testament to the growing adoption of autonomous robots in the offshore industry. It validates Nauticus’ technology and its ability to deliver commercial subsea services. This partnership between Shell and Nauticus showcases the industry’s commitment to innovation and its drive to overcome challenges for a safer, more efficient, and sustainable offshore sector.

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