Shares of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Slip in Poor Trading Session

Shares of First Quantum Minerals Ltd. slipped 0.67% to C$35.58 in what was an overall disappointing trading session for the Canadian market. The S&P/TSX Composite Index fell 0.63% to 20,492.83. First Quantum Minerals Ltd. closed C$3.55 short of its 52-week high of C$39.13, which was achieved on July 31st. The trading volume of 942,168 shares was below its 50-day average volume of 1.8 million.

It’s important to note that this article was auto-generated by Automated Insights, an automation technology provider, using data from Dow Jones and FactSet.


  • Shares: Units of ownership in a company
  • First Quantum Minerals Ltd.: A Canadian mining and metals company
  • C$: Canadian dollar
  • 52-week high: The highest trading price of a stock within the past year
  • S&P/TSX Composite Index: A stock market index that tracks the performance of Canadian companies
  • Trading volume: The total number of shares traded during a specific time period
  • Automation technology provider: A company that develops software and technologies for automated processes
  • Dow Jones and FactSet: Providers of financial data and news services

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