Securing the Future: QuickLogic and Xiphera Partner to Pioneer Post-Quantum Cryptography on eFPGAs

QuickLogic Corporation, a leading developer of embedded FPGA (eFPGA) IP, ruggedized FPGAs, and Endpoint AI/ML solutions, has announced a partnership with Xiphera, a provider of hardware-based cryptographic security solutions. The partnership aims to implement Xiphera’s xQlave™ quantum-secure cryptographic IP cores on QuickLogic’s eFPGA architecture. This collaboration allows architects to protect their assets against quantum threats and stay ahead in the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.

The rise of quantum computers poses a significant threat to information and network security, making robust cybersecurity measures more critical than ever. Xiphera addresses this threat with its xQlave™ family of Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) IP cores. These IP cores include ML-KEM (Kyber) and ML-DSA (Dilithium) algorithms, which are part of the PQC standard draft by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The logic-only implementations of these cores provide quantum-secure key exchange, digital signatures, and authentication.

By leveraging eFPGA technology, architects can benefit from distributed on-chip programmability and parallelization of intensive algorithmic computations. This offloads heavy cryptographic operations from processor/software implementations, resulting in improved boot-up and key calculation times. The eFPGA architecture also allows for secure isolation of keys and secrets from the rest of the system, providing access only to trusted components. Additionally, eFPGA technology enables crypto agility, the ability to update cryptographic algorithms and protocols even after an SoC/ASIC has been deployed.

QuickLogic’s eFPGA IP is generated using the Australis™ IP generator, which supports any foundry and any process geometry. This flexibility allows for customized eFPGA IP that meets customers’ power, performance, and area (PPA) requirements. When combined with Xiphera’s xQlave™ PQC solutions and traditional cryptographic algorithms like ECC or RSA, a hybrid scheme is created, enabling future-proof secure systems on both new and existing eFPGA platforms.

The joint solution offers several benefits, including enhanced data protection against future threats, improved performance through hardware acceleration, secure storage of secrets in secluded block RAMs, and future compatibility with NIST PQC standards. This partnership empowers customers to cost-effectively meet the evolving market demands for quantum-resilience.

The QuickLogic and Xiphera solution for post-quantum cryptography is available now, and interested customers can contact QuickLogic or Xiphera for more information. A webinar discussing the future of data protection with Xiphera’s Post-Quantum Cryptography and QuickLogic’s eFPGA technology is scheduled for September 20 at 10 AM PT.