Samsung Galaxy Buds FE: Leaked User Manual Gives Us a Glimpse of the Unannounced Wireless Earbuds

The existence of the Samsung Galaxy Buds FE, a pair of unannounced wireless earbuds, may have been accidentally confirmed by Samsung themselves. The official user manual for the earbuds was reportedly posted on Samsung’s website, providing us with some details about the upcoming device, as reported by WinFuture.

The user manual reveals that the Galaxy Buds FE take design inspiration from other Samsung headphones, featuring touchpads and attachable wingtips. This is in line with Samsung’s FE (Fan Edition) branding, which typically offers many features of their higher-end products at a lower price point. Last year’s Galaxy S21 FE followed a similar strategy.

Additionally, the manual provides a glimpse of the charging case, which resembles a typical earbuds charging case. However, Samsung has not officially announced the Galaxy Buds FE, so there is no information available regarding their release date or availability.

The leaked manual suggests that the launch of the Galaxy Buds FE could be imminent. Fans of Samsung’s audio products can look forward to these new wireless earbuds with advanced features and a more affordable price, assuming the leaked information is accurate.

As of now, Samsung has not made any official statements or announcements regarding the Galaxy Buds FE. However, the leaked user manual provides valuable insights into the design and features of the upcoming wireless earbuds.

– Jay Peters, The Verge