S1mple and ropz Discuss Changes They Want to See in CS2

S1mple and ropz, two legendary CS:GO professionals, recently shared their thoughts on CS2, a game they’ve been playing in their free time. While they enjoy the game, there are certain aspects that they believe need improvement before CS2’s official release. In separate interviews with Dot Esports, the players discussed their concerns and suggestions.

S1mple expressed frustration with the weapon sounds in CS2, stating that sometimes he has difficulty identifying which gun his opponent is using due to the audio tweaks made by Valve. He mentioned instances where a gunshot would sound like a Desert Eagle, but it turned out to be an AWP. Additionally, s1mple criticized the state of the official matchmaking servers in CS2, claiming that the servers on FACEIT are far superior due to their higher tick-rate.

Another complaint from s1mple was the movement mechanics in CS2, which he felt were worse compared to CS:GO. He speculated that the server issues might be affecting the movement and suggested that improving the servers would automatically result in better movement.

On the other hand, ropz focused on the positive aspects of CS2. He praised the new loadout system, which allows players to choose between two M4s, calling it a “very nice” change. However, ropz also expressed concerns about the absence of skyboxes in CS2. In CS:GO, skyboxes prevented players from smoking certain areas across the map, affecting gameplay strategies. Ropz believed that the removal of skyboxes could have a significant impact, particularly on maps like Inferno.

Ropz, like many other players, including cadiaN from Heroic, also mentioned the need for changes to the economy system in CS2. He believed that the game’s current state is not suitable for MR12, especially considering the strong influence of pistol rounds. One potential solution he suggested was a hard reset of the loss bonus after winning a round.

While the release date of CS2 remains uncertain, s1mple and ropz have made it clear what changes they would like to see before the game’s official launch. Their insights and suggestions provide valuable feedback to developers and highlight areas of improvement for the upcoming game.

– Dot Esports