Robots Powered by AI Could Pose a Threat to the UK’s National Health Service

According to cybersecurity expert Ian Hogarth, robots controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to attack the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS) on a scale comparable to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hogarth, a member of the UK’s AI task force, warns that advancements in AI technology could lead to cyber attacks that cripple the NHS or even carry out biological attacks. The growing capabilities of AI pose a significant concern, as they lower the barriers to committing cyber crimes.

The UK’s AI task force, with a funding of £100 million ($124 million) from the government, has been focused on safety research to develop useful tools like ChatGPT. Hogarth stresses the importance of collaboration among countries to mitigate the risks associated with AI. He particularly emphasizes the need to include nations like China in these discussions, especially after lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic. Hogarth states that augmented national security risks are of highest priority.

The technology industry’s focus on AI has led to rapid advancement, but it has also highlighted the potential dangers. Hogarth draws attention to the 2017 WannaCry cyberattack on the NHS, which resulted in the cancellation of thousands of patient appointments and incurred a cost of £92 million ($114 million) for the health service. he argues that as AI technology improves, the possibility of such attacks becomes easier.

Hogarth explains that the development of AI systems that can write code better than humans is progressing rapidly. This advancement, while impressive, also lowers the barriers to committing cyber attacks and crimes. The increasing number of people in the tech industry working on superhuman AI systems poses a significant risk to cybersecurity.

In summary, the potential threat posed by robots fueled by AI to the UK’s NHS is a cause for concern. The rapid improvement in AI technology brings both benefits and dangers. International collaboration, including the involvement of countries like China, is essential to address and mitigate these risks effectively.

– Daily Star (source article)
– Fox News