Quasi Robotics Introduces Model C2: Streamlining Material Movement with Autonomous Delivery Solution

Maryland-based Quasi Robotics has announced the release of Model C2, an autonomous delivery solution designed to streamline material movement. This innovative solution aims to eliminate the time-consuming task of manual item transport between or during workflows and is purpose-built to function optimally across numerous industries. Model C2 is now available for pre-order and shipping will commence in Q4 2023.

Model C2 is built on the Quasi intelligence platform (QAI), the company’s proprietary and fully integrable AI software. The connectivity enabled by QAI allows Model C2 to link with Cloud Connect, Quasi’s central user application and control center. Cloud Connect provides visibility and management for the entire fleet of Quasi solutions per deployment, offering extensive data reporting on all aspects of C2’s functioning. This includes productivity insights, utilization audits, charging activity, maintenance cost modules, and more. Model C2’s integrated automation places it at the forefront of the small-scale asset transport market, providing greater functionality at a more affordable price and delivering operational efficiency returns.

Model C2 is an out-of-the-box solution that can be deployed in under an hour with no training, configuration, or facility modification required. Its intuitive touch-screen controls allow users to create and update pre-programmed destinations and schedule delivery routes within seconds. With adaptive navigation and active obstacle avoidance, Model C2 ensures reliable comprehensive driving autonomy and consistently successful delivery. Additionally, optional Wi-Fi, Cloud Connect, and external system integrations, along with customizable build options, make C2 a versatile and modular solution that can adapt to a facility’s evolving operations.

Vlad Lebedev, CEO of Quasi, emphasizes the significance of Model C2 in revolutionizing manual workflows with autonomous, integrated robotics. This solution aims to increase operational productivity and free up valuable staff time, marking the first step towards Quasi’s vision of transforming manual workflows.

Key specifications of Model C2 include full operational traceability with Wi-Fi and Quasi Cloud Connect, an intuitive touchscreen user interface, a high-capacity battery with 16 hours of continuous use, integration capabilities with other Quasi models and existing facility management systems, and a wide array of sensors for operational safety and obstacle avoidance. Model C2 is priced at $15,999.00, including delivery.

For more information and to pre-order Model C2, visit the Quasi Robotics website or contact [email protected].


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