Quasi Robotics Introduces Model C2: An Autonomous Delivery Solution

Maryland-based company, Quasi Robotics, has launched Model C2, an autonomous delivery solution designed to streamline material movement. The C2 automated cart aims to eliminate the time-consuming task of manual item transport between or during workflows and has a wide range of features that cater to multiple industries.

Built on the Quasi intelligence platform (QAI), Model C2 is a fully integrable AI software that connects with Cloud Connect, a central user application and control center provided by Quasi. Cloud Connect allows users to manage and monitor the entire fleet of Quasi solutions and provides data reporting on the productivity, utilization, charging activity, and maintenance cost modules.

Model C2 offers out-of-the-box deployment that requires no training, configuration, or facility modification. The intuitive touch-screen controls enable users to create and update pre-programmed destinations and schedule delivery routes quickly. With adaptive navigation, active obstacle avoidance, and route re-calculation, the C2 cart ensures reliable driving autonomy and successful deliveries.

Quasi Robotics emphasizes the affordability and operational efficiency of Model C2 compared to non-connected robotics in the market. The modular design of C2 allows for optional Wi-Fi, Cloud Connect, and external systems integrations, as well as customizable build options that can adapt to a facility’s evolving operations.

Quasi Robotics envisions Model C2 as the first step towards transforming manual workflows with autonomous and integrated robotics. CEO Vlad Lebedev believes that integrated automation will significantly increase operational productivity and free up valuable staff time.

The Model C2 cart is priced at $15,999.00, including delivery, and is available for pre-order on Quasi’s website.


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