Quantum Error: A First-Person Cosmic Horror Experience on PlayStation 5

Quantum Error is an upcoming first-person cosmic horror game developed by TeamKill Media for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) platform. The game’s new trailer showcases the unique gameplay experience it offers, allowing players to assume the role of a sci-fi firefighter.

The trailer, released on the PlayStation YouTube channel, highlights the impressive functionality of the PS5’s DualSense controller. Players will have access to a variety of firefighter tools, including axes, powerful hoses, saws, and the jaws of life. Each tool is designed to provide a distinct and immersive feel, enhancing the gameplay experience.

As players navigate through the game, they will encounter environmental hazards and roaring fires, creating a truly intense and realistic atmosphere. The adaptive triggers of the DualSense controller will further immerse players in the action, providing realistic feedback for weapon usage. Additionally, the controller’s microphone feature may be utilized during CPR sequences, adding another layer of interaction to the gameplay.

Quantum Error not only offers a firefighter adventure but also promises to deliver a compelling horror narrative. It tells the story of Captain Jacob Thomas, a firefighter who, along with his partner Shane Costa, embarks on a rescue mission after a research facility is attacked. The mission quickly takes a twisted turn, plunging Jacob into a reality-bending journey filled with danger and mystery.

TeamKill Media has paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that Quantum Error leverages the full power of the PS5. The game features stunning visuals, utilizing Unreal Engine 5 to provide players with a 4K resolution at 60fps. Additionally, the immersive experience is enhanced through the implementation of 3D audio.

The game is scheduled to release on November 3, 2023, exclusively for the PS5. PC and Xbox Series X | S versions will follow at a later date, although specific release dates have yet to be announced. Fans can look forward to more updates as the launch approaches.

– TeamKill Media
– PlayStation YouTube Channel