Quantum Energy and Bluwheelz Partner to Revolutionize Last-Mile Logistics with Electric Scooters

Quantum Energy, an electric vehicle (EV) startup specializing in electric scooters, has joined forces with tech-enabled logistics company Bluwheelz to transform the last-mile logistics landscape. This partnership aims to create a greener and more efficient future in the logistics sector.

Bluwheelz will be deploying 5,000 units of Quantum Energy’s Bziness Pro e-scooter, which sets a new standard in its category. With its impressive range of up to 135 km on a single charge and features like inbuilt IOT tracker, anti-theft alarm, and LCD display, the Bziness Pro offers a transformative means of transportation that is both speedy and environmentally friendly.

Chetana Chukkapalli, director of Quantum Energy Limited, expressed their goal of promoting the adoption of electric vehicles for all types of deliveries. This partnership with Bluwheelz aligns perfectly with their mission to make last-mile connectivity greener.

Bluwheelz, a fleet-as-a-service company, specializes in providing exclusive EV fleets for the e-commerce, quick commerce, and food tech industries. They offer a comprehensive monthly lease model that includes 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers EVs, along with dedicated riders, charging infrastructure, parking facilities, and maintenance services.

Already establishing their presence in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), Bluwheelz has partnered with industry players like Big Basket, Delhivery, Zomato, and Compass. Additionally, they have initiated trials with renowned brands such as Britannia, Coca-Cola, Unilever, and Swiggy.

The collaboration between Quantum Energy and Bluwheelz represents a significant step forward in achieving a more sustainable and eco-friendly future in last-mile logistics. By utilizing electric scooters for deliveries, companies can contribute to reducing emissions and creating a greener transportation network.

In the EV space, this partnership follows the recent collaboration between Acer and eBikeGo, which introduced the Acer MUVI-125-4G, an electric two-wheeler designed for urban commuters. The adoption of EVs in various sectors highlights the growing importance of sustainable mobility solutions in our society.

– Quantum Energy
– Bluwheelz