Preview of the Fall Television Season: What to Expect

The upcoming fall television season is looking quite different due to the dual writers’ and actors’ strikes. With only a few exceptions, viewers can expect no new episodes of their favorite scripted live-action shows. However, there will be a plethora of reality shows and imported episodes from cable, streaming, and foreign series.

One standout network this season is The CW, which has adopted a cheaper-is-better business model and will be airing a number of scripted originals imported from Canada and Europe. Among these shows is a new scripted comedy that is already receiving rave reviews.

As for the broadcast channels, Sunday nights will be filled with reality television and reruns. However, Fox’s animated comedies, which record actors’ voices well in advance, will have new episodes. In addition, Fox will be premiering a new animated comedy called “Krapopolis” that has received positive feedback for its fast-paced and funny storyline set in mythical ancient Greece.

Mondays will feature a mix of game shows, reality TV, and reruns. One notable addition to CBS’s lineup is “NCIS: Sydney,” the first-ever international edition of the popular “NCIS” franchise. This new spin-off takes place in Sydney, Australia, and follows a team of U.S. NCIS agents and the Australian Federal Police as they investigate naval crimes in the Indo-Pacific.

The rest of the week will be filled with a variety of shows, including dance competitions, singing contests, and crime dramas. Thursday nights will feature the elderly version of “The Bachelor,” with a 71-year-old Indiana grandfather as the star wooing retirement-age women.

Although the fall television season may lack new episodes of beloved scripted shows, there are still plenty of options for viewers to enjoy. Whether it’s reality TV, game shows, or imported series, there is something for everyone this season.

– Rob Owen, Trib Total Media
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