NRG Esports Decides to Leave Apex Legends Esports Due to Lack of Support

NRG Esports, a prominent organization in the world of esports, has recently announced its departure from the competitive scene of Apex Legends. The company cited Electronic Arts (EA) and Respawn Entertainment’s lack of support for esports and organizations as the primary reason for their decision to exit.

After five years of involvement in Apex Legends, NRG made the tough call to release the players on its ALGS squad and drop several Apex Legends content creators months ago. The organization asserted that EA and Respawn have not done enough to support competitive organizations and the teams that participate in the esport.

NRG’s Chief Gaming Officer, Jaime Cohenca, expressed their disapproval of the situation, stating, “We feel EA/Respawn have not done enough to support orgs and made the tough call to take a step back.” Cohenca also confirmed that NRG would not be fielding a roster for ALGS in the future.

Although NRG did not secure any S-Tier trophies during their time in the Battle Royale title, they consistently placed within the top 15 in multiple events. In the 2023 Split 1 Playoff, the team achieved their highest placement, finishing in second place.

NRG is not the only esports organization to withdraw from Apex Legends. Cloud9, G2 Esports, and Team Liquid have also departed from the esport this year. Economic challenges within the industry and a reported lack of opportunities for revenue generation through in-game cosmetic sales from EA have contributed to these departures.

According to reports, EA and Respawn canceled plans to introduce revenue sharing with organizations for in-game item sales. This decision reportedly affected 20 different teams. EA purportedly offered a $60,000 licensing fee to the organizations, which led some to voice their discontent and provide a counter-proposal. However, EA rejected their suggestions.

NRG player Christopher ‘sweetdreams’ Sexton expressed his disappointment in the organization’s departure from Apex Legends, acknowledging the impact it may have on the esport. Nevertheless, he remained optimistic about finding a new team and contributing to the game’s growth and potential.

In conclusion, NRG Esports has joined a growing list of esports organizations leaving Apex Legends due to what they perceive as a lack of support from EA and Respawn. The industry will undoubtedly monitor the developments within the competitive scene of this popular Battle Royale title.

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