Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2: New Character List Revealed

A new character list for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 has been released, showcasing the familiar faces and new entries that players can expect in the upcoming game. The roster is expanding, with a mix of beloved childhood characters and fresh additions set to enter the ring.

One of the standout newcomers is SpongeBob. While lacking in speed, SpongeBob makes up for it with a combination of directional attacks and powerful specials to keep up with faster opponents. Squidward is another new addition, with devastating close-range attacks and the ability to charge up anger for a speed and power boost.

Jimmy Neutron brings his cool gadgets to the battle, allowing players to tour the battleground with Goddard and utilize other inventions for defense and mobility. Patrick, known for his strength, is a heavy hitter with powerful close-range attacks. Raphael, the fastest character in the game, boasts decent range and is perfect for pulling off combos.

Plankton joins as a zoner-grappler, excelling in projectile attacks and close combat. El Tigre brings speedy mobility and a mix of close- and long-range attacks. April O’Neil relies on her reporter equipment and new tools to navigate the stage effectively. Donatello offers an arsenal of gadgets and long-ranged attacks.

Ember, with her musical attacks, grants herself an offensive boost with a unique “Cheer” mechanic. Avatar Aang returns with new aerial combat moves and powerful combos. Ren & Stimpy, Nickelodeon’s first-ever dynamic duo, will also be part of the game.

With regular moveset videos being released, the character list continues to grow. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 is set for release on the Nintendo Switch later this year, and fans can look forward to an exciting and diverse roster of characters to choose from.

– Nintendo Life
– GameMill Entertainment

– Roster: a list or group of people or things
– Zoner-grappler: a character in a fighting game that excels in long-range projectile attacks and close-quarters combat