New Undertale Merch Drops on Fangamer for 8th Anniversary

Fangamer, a company rooted in the EarthBound fan community, has been the go-to source for Undertale merchandise for many years. To celebrate the 8th anniversary of Undertale, a fresh batch of merchandise has been released on the Fangamer website.

The new collection features a variety of items, including a Napstablook Lamp for $26, a Ruins Face Towel for $28, a “Sleepover” T-Shirt priced at $32, a Friends and Foes Throw Blanket available for $45, Toriel Slippers for $32, Queen and Lancer Sleep Masks at $17 each, and a Deltarune Chapter 2 Piano Score priced at $25. For fans who want something a little more haunting, there’s even a Nendoroid Spamton available for $40.

This latest release adds to Fangamer’s already extensive lineup of Undertale and Deltarune merchandise. Whether you’re looking for clothing, accessories, or collectibles, Fangamer has you covered.

As the dedicated merchandiser for Undertale, Fangamer has been instrumental in bringing the fan community closer to the game’s world. With their vast catalog of items, fans can proudly display their love for Undertale and Deltarune in their everyday lives.

If you’re a fan of Undertale or Deltarune, the new merchandise drop on Fangamer is a perfect opportunity to add some unique items to your collection. From practical items like towels and slippers to decorative pieces like lamps and blankets, there’s something for everyone.

So head over to the Fangamer website and explore the full Undertale and Deltarune collections. Celebrate the 8th anniversary of Undertale by treating yourself to some awesome merchandise that showcases your love for these beloved games.


– Fangamer website: [insert URL]
– Author: Amelia Fruzzetti, a writer and Nintendo fan based in Seattle, Washington.