New Pilot Program at St. Luke’s Hospital Utilizes Delivery Robots to Enhance Patient Care

St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri is introducing an innovative pilot program that utilizes delivery robots to streamline patient care. The program, featuring the first-of-its-kind robot called Moxi, aims to provide support to nurses and minimize the time spent on non-patient care tasks.

Moxi assists nurses by taking over the delivery of medications, supplies, and other essential items, allowing nurses to spend more time at the bedside caring for patients. This technology has the potential to save up to 30 percent of bedside caregivers’ time, ultimately improving overall efficiency and patient outcomes.

In the first 20 days of operation at St. Luke’s Hospital, Moxi has already demonstrated its effectiveness. It has saved over 315 hours and successfully delivered and retrieved more than 500 pharmaceuticals and other supplies. Nurses can request the items they need, which are then filled by the hospital staff and dispatched to the units using Moxi.

St. Luke’s Hospital is the first healthcare facility in both Missouri and Kansas to implement this groundbreaking technology. The hospital aims to expand the program’s reach, with plans to add two more robots to the team. The initiative is funded by the St. Luke’s Foundation, highlighting the organization’s commitment to leveraging technology to improve patient care.

This pilot program represents a significant step forward in the healthcare industry, showcasing the potential for automation and robotics to enhance the work of healthcare professionals. By delegating routine logistical tasks to robots, nurses can dedicate more time and energy to providing high-quality patient care.

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