New iPhone Update Introduces Live Voicemail: A Scammer’s Paradise?

The latest software update for iPhone users, iOS 17, includes a new feature called “Live Voicemail,” which transcribes incoming voicemail messages. While this update brings convenience and speed to our communication, it also opens the door for scammers to take advantage.

According to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici, scammers can exploit this feature by breaking into the call while the voicemail is being transcribed and engaging with the user in real-time. They can prompt users to press a number or start a conversation, leading to potential scams.

Quilici also shared insights from YouMail’s survey, stating that younger people tend to fall victim to scams more frequently than older individuals, although for smaller amounts of money. This is because younger people are often accustomed to quick responses and may not have the same level of suspicion as older generations.

Furthermore, scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated, using compelling tactics that create a sense of urgency. For instance, posing as a bank and claiming that a large sum of money is about to be transferred out of the user’s account. This can prompt users to inadvertently disclose personal information during these scam calls.

To stay safe, Quilici recommends iPhone users disable the Live Voicemail feature in their phone settings or proceed with caution when using it, understanding that scammers may be exploiting the same feature. By remaining vigilant and avoiding engaging with unknown callers, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to scams.

– YouMail CEO Alex Quilici
– CBS News, Meghan Schiller