New Hampshire Department of Education Supports Robotics Programs in Schools

The New Hampshire Department of Education has announced that a total of $713,601 will be awarded to 77 schools in the state. The funding is aimed at supporting robotics programs for students, encouraging their participation in competitive events and fostering skills in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

Education Commissioner Frank Edelblut emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that it provides a wonderful opportunity for many schools in the state. Not only will it enable them to establish robotics teams, but it will also motivate students to consider careers in STEM. Additionally, the participation in robotics programs can help students develop critical life and work-related skills, all while enjoying the experience and connecting with their teammates.

Robotics programs in schools have proven to be highly beneficial for students. They offer engaging hands-on learning experiences that help develop problem-solving, teamwork, and critical thinking skills. By participating in competitive events, students also learn invaluable lessons in perseverance, communication, and resilience.

The funding provided by the New Hampshire Department of Education will assist schools in acquiring necessary robotics equipment, software, and materials. It will also support training programs for teachers, enabling them to effectively integrate robotics into the curriculum. This will ensure that students have access to engaging and relevant STEM education.

By investing in robotics programs, New Hampshire is taking significant steps towards preparing students for the jobs of the future. With the rapidly advancing technology landscape, STEM skills are in high demand. The inclusion of robotics in schools not only helps students develop these skills but also fosters their interest and enthusiasm in these fields.

– New Hampshire Department of Education