New Crowdfunding App QFund.AI to Revolutionize Fundraising

Quantum International Corp., an app development company, has announced the development of a new crowdfunding app called QFund.AI. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, QFund.AI will use cryptocurrency instead of native currency for donations.

With QFund.AI, users can create a campaign page to describe their fundraising cause and share it on social media and via email. Donations can be made using any cryptocurrency account or wallet. QFund.AI will charge a small fee, which can be paid in either cryptocurrency or native currency.

One unique feature of QFund.AI is its emphasis on personal causes. While users cannot offer rewards or incentives in exchange for donations, the platform does allow projects meant to fund other projects, such as those by musicians or inventors.

In addition to traditional crowdfunding campaigns, QFund.AI will have a special section dedicated to users raising money for tuition. This allows users to raise funds for educational expenses, such as out-of-state tuition or support for economically disadvantaged students.

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, where users are encouraged to share their campaign pages on social media, QFund.AI will use AI to identify potential donors and reach out to them directly. This approach aims to increase campaign visibility and connect users with targeted donors.

To ensure the security of funds, QFund.AI will be a decentralized platform that utilizes the blockchain technology of LGCY Blockchain to store client funds and deposits. This makes QFund.AI less vulnerable to security breaches compared to centralized platforms.

CEO Justin Waiau expressed excitement about the potential of QFund.AI, stating that the platform aims to assist fire survivors in Lahaina, Maui, as one of its initial causes. With its focus on cryptocurrency, AI-based social media promotion, and personal causes, QFund.AI has the potential to revolutionize the crowdfunding space.

– Quantum International Corp. Press Release