Nauticus Robotics to Provide Offshore Services for Shell Subsea Field Development

Nauticus Robotics has recently announced a partnership with Shell to provide offshore services for a subsea field development project in the Gulf of Mexico. The project will be carried out by Nauticus’ Aquanaut autonomous subsea robot, which will serve as the primary workforce for the operation.

Unlike traditional subsea robots, the Aquanaut does not require an umbilical connection. This key feature allows for more flexibility and maneuverability during the operation. Instead, a remote pilot will control the Aquanaut robot through Nauticus’ acoustic communications link.

This new contract is a significant milestone for Nauticus Robotics. It marks the company’s transition from a technology provider to an operational offshore services provider. Nauticus is confident in the capabilities of the Aquanaut robot and believes it will deliver exceptional performance in this project. The partnership with Shell further validates the potential of autonomous subsea robots in the offshore industry.

Nauticus Robotics is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of robotic technology in the underwater domain. With this new contract, they are demonstrating the practical applications of their innovative solutions. The Aquanaut robot has the potential to revolutionize offshore operations by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving safety.

This partnership between Nauticus Robotics and Shell is expected to bring about new advancements and insights in the field of autonomous subsea robotics. As the industry continues to evolve, it is likely that more companies will adopt similar technologies to optimize their offshore operations.

– Will Feuer. (Author) [email protected] (Contact)