Movu Robotics: Rebranding and Launching the Movu Eligo Robot Picking Arm

Movu Robotics, formerly known as stow Robotics, has announced a significant rebrand and the launch of a new product called the Movu eligo robot picking arm. The company’s new headquarters in Lokeren, Belgium, houses engineering, research & development, production, and an Experience Centre where customers and partners can witness the technology in action.

By strategically locating its headquarters between university cities Antwerp and Ghent, Movu Robotics aims to attract young talent in the robotics sector. Additionally, the convenient location allows customers and partners to visit the facility and observe warehouses in operation, increasing brand visibility.

Movu Robotics will continue to offer its existing products, such as the Movu atlas (a pallet shuttle system), Movu escala (a bin shuttle), and Movu iFollow (a range of AMRs). The Movu eligo, described as an AI-driven picking robot, is the latest addition to their portfolio. Developed in collaboration with Righthand Robotics, this robot is integrated with the Movu escala bin shuttle for fully automated bin picking and has a pick accuracy upwards of 99%.

In addition to hardware, Movu Robotics also offers its own warehouse execution system (WES) comprised of Movu ops, Movu tower, and Movu pilot. These software components assist with operations management, resource availability, dispatching shuttles, and order execution. The software, along with the hardware, is demonstrated at Movu’s Experience Centre in Lokeren.

In an interview, Chief Executive Stefan Pieters explained that the rebranding is driven by the desire to clarify Movu Robotics’ focus on being a hi-tech company specializing in robots and software, despite its association with racks as a leading racking provider. The Movu eligo is expected to enhance the customer experience by seamlessly integrating with their existing system and increasing picking capacity while reducing the reliance on human operators. AI and machine learning play a crucial role in the success of Movu products, particularly in picking products, as constant feedback enables the robot arm to improve its success rate. The future vision for Movu Robotics involves pushing boundaries to handle a wider range of products and increase operational efficiency through AI-driven optimization.

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