Monster Hunter Now: A Short Burst without Strategy

The collaboration between Capcom and Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has given us Monster Hunter Now, a mobile game that aims to bring the immersive gameplay of the Monster Hunter series to short bursts on your phone. While the hunts in Monster Hunter Now are quick and satisfying, the game lacks the depth of strategy and planning that makes the original Monster Hunter games so engrossing for existing players.

Monster Hunter Now is a location-based game, similar to Pokémon Go, where players have to venture out into the real world to find resources and monsters. However, the game distinguishes itself with its focus on battles. Initially, combat is simple, with players only needing to tap on the monster to attack and swipe to dodge. But as players progress, they unlock bigger and more challenging monsters that require upgraded gear and well-timed dodges to defeat. The battles are intense, albeit short, with a time limit of 75 seconds.

While the combat in Monster Hunter Now becomes more challenging over time, the overall strategy remains largely the same. Players simply have to spam the attack button, dodge incoming attacks, and repeat until the monster is defeated. There is no need to learn about each monster or adopt specific fighting styles. This lack of depth in the gameplay detracts from the immersive experience of the Monster Hunter series.

Despite its shortcomings, Monster Hunter Now has the potential to improve and capture the success of Pokémon Go. The game’s visuals are impressive, the battle system is optimized for mobile devices, and quality-of-life features such as paintballs that mark monsters for later battles add to the gameplay. With further updates, Monster Hunter Now could evolve into a more satisfying experience for both new and existing players.

– “Monster Hunter Now is a fun, simple take on the series” by Andrew Webster in The Verge