Moho 14: The Latest Advancements in 2D Animation Software

Lost Marble, the developer of Moho animation software, has released its newest version, Moho 14. Boasting a new graphics engine and an upgraded suite of rigging and animation tools, this software has already been utilized by the renowned Irish studio, Cartoon Saloon.

Among the key additions and improvements in Moho 14 is a more powerful graphics engine that enhances performance and real-time rendering of effects, gradients, and blending modes. This advancement allows for a preview of animations that closely resembles the final render.

Another notable feature is the 2D rigging system, which enables artists to create character and object skeletons quickly and effortlessly. This system includes various tools such as forward and inverse kinematics, pin bones, constraints, automatic squash and stretch, and animation transfer.

Moho 14 also introduces “Smart Bones,” a feature that allows joints to bend without distortion. It can be used to control facial expressions, rotations, and body movements. This ensures more realistic and fluid animations.

Furthermore, the software offers “Liquid Shapes,” a new feature that facilitates the animation of organic effects like fire, smoke, explosions, and water. Moho 14 has also optimized its drawing tools to ensure consistent shapes during movement. Users can draw directly in the software and apply brushes and effects.

Powered by the new graphics engine, the frame-by-frame drawing tools in Moho 14, such as Freehand, Blob Brush, and Eraser, have become faster and more responsive.

Victor Paredes, president of Lost Marble, expressed his excitement about the release, stating that Moho 14 represents a significant milestone in empowering animators and artists with advanced 2D animation software. The team at Lost Marble has listened to community feedback and incorporated cutting-edge technology to provide features that enhance the animation experience.

Moho Pro 14 is available for a one-time price of $399.99, while Moho Debut 14, a more beginner-friendly version, can be purchased for $59.99. For more detailed information about each package, visit Moho’s official website.

In conclusion, Moho 14 offers a range of impressive advancements that elevate the world of 2D animation. With its new graphics engine and improved tools, this software empowers artists to create stunning and realistic animations with ease.

– Lost Marble (source)
– Cartoon Saloon (source)