MIT Lincoln Lab Receives R&D 100 Awards for Breakthrough Technologies

MIT Lincoln Laboratory has been recognized for its groundbreaking technologies with four 2023 R&D 100 Awards. These awards, given by R&D World magazine, honor the 100 most significant innovations that have been made available for sale or licensed in the last year. The technologies developed at Lincoln Lab include touchless medical imaging using ultrasound, an optimizer for aircrew scheduling, a cryptographic hardware device for securing sensitive data, and the world’s first practical memory for quantum networking.

One of the award-winning technologies is Noncontact Laser Ultrasound (NCLUS) for Medical Imaging. This system uses a pulsed laser to acquire ultrasound images without touching the patient’s skin. It overcomes the limitations of traditional ultrasound, such as sonographer variability and the need for skin contact. NCLUS has the potential to revolutionize medical imaging by allowing non-experts to perform ultrasound imaging in various settings, including remote areas and battlefield settings.

Another award-winning technology is Puckboard, an optimizer for aircrew scheduling. This web-based application replaces the manual scheduling process used by the U.S. Air Force for decades. Puckboard uses artificial intelligence techniques to recommend optimal schedules based on metrics like training progression and flight-hour distribution. It has already made a significant impact, saving time for aircrew members and increasing the readiness of the Air Force.

The Security/Cyber Module (SCM) End Cryptographic Unit (ECU) is a compact device developed by Lincoln Laboratory to secure the data transmitted by uncrewed systems. This device has received certification from the National Security Agency and can be easily deployed for a wide range of vehicles and missions. It incorporates multiple cybersecurity technologies, including Tactical Key Management, which establishes secret keys for secure communication.

Lastly, Lincoln Lab has developed the world’s first practical memory for quantum networking. This breakthrough technology is essential for the development of quantum communication networks and will enable the storage and retrieval of quantum information. It has the potential to revolutionize the field of quantum computing and advance the capabilities of quantum networks.

These award-winning technologies highlight the impactful research and development efforts of MIT Lincoln Laboratory. With their groundbreaking innovations, they are changing the world and advancing various fields, from medical imaging to aircrew scheduling and quantum networking.

– R&D World magazine