Maximizing Labor in the Supply Chain: The Power of Automation and Human Workforce

Labor shortages have been a significant challenge across various industries, including the supply chain. While technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and automation continue to evolve, human labor remains crucial for the success of the supply chain. In this upcoming webinar, experts will shed light on how AI and robotics complement human labor and discuss the importance of leveraging warehouse and labor management solutions to maximize the potential of the existing workforce.

The webinar aims to provide participants with valuable takeaways, including a deeper understanding of how automation can enhance human labor in warehouses. Attendees will also learn effective strategies for managing labor in an automated warehouse environment. By exploring different labor mix and strategies, participants will gain insights into choosing the right approach for their specific operations.

The esteemed panel of speakers includes Sid Henderson, VP Business Development at Exotec North America; Ryan Uhlenkamp, SVP, Alliances & Strategic Accounts at Longbow Advantage; and Guy Courtin, Vice President of Industry and Alliances at Tecsys Inc. These industry leaders bring their expertise to the table, offering valuable insights and practical advice for improving labor management in the supply chain.

The webinar will be moderated by a yet-to-be-announced professional who will ensure an engaging and informative session. Participation in this one-hour webinar promises to provide attendees with valuable knowledge and strategies to address labor shortages and optimize their supply chain operations.

– Exotec North America
– Longbow Advantage
– Tecsys Inc.

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