LG CNS Partners with XYZ Robotics for E-commerce Logistics

LG CNS Co. Ltd., the IT services arm of LG Corporation, has announced a partnership with XYZ Robotics to collaborate on projects in the e-commerce logistics industry. The goal of the partnership is to enhance robot integration in logistics operations.

The memorandum of understanding (MOU) between LG CNS and XYZ Robotics will involve integrating the latter’s robot solutions with LG CNS’ robotic integrated operations platform. All of the robot solutions will be made available through a robot as a service (RaaS) model, where customers can subscribe to and pay for the robot devices and services they require.

According to Lee Jun Ho, head of smart logistics solution at LG CNS, the logistics automation market has shifted from digital transformation to the robot transformation era. This means that robots are being effectively utilized in all aspects of logistics.

As part of the partnership, the companies will begin their first project by deploying palletizing and depalletizing robots at logistics centers in South Korea. A palletizing robot transfers, sorts, and stacks boxes onto a pallet, while a depalletizing robot unloads items from a pallet.

Additionally, LG CNS is working on a proof of concept project to convert a previously used gas station into an urban logistics center. This project will utilize LG CNS’ robot-integrated operation platform and the Ieum 5G network, a specialized network for 5th generation mobile communications.

With this partnership, LG CNS and XYZ Robotics aim to accelerate the adoption of robotics in the e-commerce logistics industry, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

– The Korea Herald
– Yonhap News Agency