LG CNS Expands Robot Operation Platform Business through Partnership with XYZ Robotics

LG CNS, a subsidiary of the LG Group, has announced its collaboration with XYZ Robotics, an AI-based robotics solution company, in a bid to strengthen its robot operation platform business. The partnership was formalized through a memorandum of understanding signed on September 11th. This strategic alliance is aimed at boosting LG CNS’s competitiveness in the field of robot-related industries.

In July, LG CNS introduced a robotics management platform that effectively controls and manages various types of robots in logistics distribution centers. This platform collects real-time data from all robots and utilizes it to optimize their performance. As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance its robotics solutions, LG CNS has teamed up with XYZ Robotics, known for its cutting-edge technologies in 3D vision and grippers, which are crucial components of robots.

XYZ Robotics is currently developing palletizing robots that can efficiently handle various goods at logistics centers by stacking them onto cargo carriers. Additionally, the company is working on robots that can transport products loaded on cargo carriers to other locations, as well as piece picking robots that facilitate the retrieval of goods.

The collaboration between the two companies has already resulted in the implementation of XYZ Robotics’ products in domestic e-commerce companies’ logistics centers. Moving forward, they plan to expand their business scope in order to offer their services to a broader range of industries.

Lee Jun-ho, head of the Smart Logistics Division at LG CNS, emphasized the increasing need for efficient work in the logistics market through the utilization of robots, along with AI and big data technologies. He stated that the logistics automation market has entered a new era where robots play a critical role in all stages of digital transformation.

LG CNS intends to further enhance its subscription-based integrated robot operation platform, enabling the delivery of more convenient and efficient services to enterprise customers.

– XYZ Robotics